Monday, May 5, 2008

Chicken Club Quesadilla

There is a new restaurant in town called Moe's - it's a yummy Mexican place I can only describe as a subway for Mexican food. It's great! My bosses boss took me and my boss there for lunch one day, and I got a Chicken Club Quesadilla, and fell in love. So, I tried to recreate my own.

Chicken Club Quesadilla

Flour tortillas (1 per quesadilla)
Shredded cheese (as much as you like), we used Mexican shredded cheese
Shredded chicken (I used cut up chicken breasts)
Ranch dressing mixed with chipotle sauce (to make Chipotle Ranch)

Mix it all up and cook it in a little vegetable oil in a skillet. Flip when brown. Enjoy!

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